Boat Batteries

Marine Batteries

There are many different kinds of batteries that could power your boat, but it takes knowing what you need and how to get it to choose the right battery for you. Your choice of boat battery purchase should depend on the level of power needed to operate and maintain your boat at optimal levels as well as how you use your boat.

Water  Desalination

Rainman Watermaker

Rainman Watermaker: Desalination Solutions The Rainman electric water desalinator is designed to be installed on your marine boat, or alternatively you can take it along with you as the battery operated portable version. Either way you have 100% access to clean drinking water whenever you need it!

VHF Boat Radio

VHF Marine Radio

VHF marine radios are a lifesaver at sea. They’re an essential piece of safety equipment that can keep you and your crew safe. A VHF radio is a boat mobile phone. It’s one of the two essential emergency communication devices that are recommended for boating by Maritime NZ, along with a distress beacon. You cannot be rescued if no one knows you need help.
A VHF marine radio receives calls from Maritime NZ, Coastguard and other seafarers that could be able to help in a crisis. It also enables you to stay in the

Electrical Services

Take care of your house and family by getting the right renovation/construction, repairs and maintenance services from qualified professionals. You can rely on us to provide you with experienced help whether it is for the electrical fixtures in the home such as power points, switches and heating as well as dealing with troublesome wiring! Speak to our electrician today.

Full Service

Maritime Electrical offer a range of electrical services in Auckland. Our team of electricians specialise in marine electr5ical but also offer commercial and residential/industrial electrical installations and repairs. We guarantee high-quality workmanship and carry full public liability insurance, so we’re always here for you in times of uncertainty in your household and in your business.


At Maritime Electrical our highly qualified team of experienced electricians are here to give you expert recommendations and options that match your individual needs, taking into account the different situations that may be unique to your home or business. We offer our services to commercial, residential, and marine clients because we understand that each client has their own outlook on things when it comes to electrical issues.