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by | Aug 31, 2021 | Marine Electrical Auckland | 0 comments

Written by Marketing Intern

The intended main purpose of an isolation transformer is to provide absolute safety when a fault occurs. The power is conducted through a ‘magnetic field’ inside the isolation transformer rather than across a solid wire connection, effectively breaking the dangerous electrical connection through the water to ‘earth’ or ground. When properly installed, an isolation transformer will electrically isolate the AC shore power from the boat’s AC power system. The connection of this grounding wire only to the shield of the transformer ‘isolates’ the boat’s AC electrical system from shore.

As an added benefit, the nature of an isolation transformer also eliminates the stray galvanic currents from boat to shore that destroy your sacrificial zinc anodes, so your polarity alarms and galvanic isolators are no longer needed.

A new isolation transformer is a great addition to your boat but we want to leave you with one last reminder – never swim in the marina!

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