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​We supply Onan and Kohler marine generators. Quiet start and running. From small compact installations to larger vessel fit-outs. Consult our team to find a Genset to match your vessels criteria.

Generator Annual Service

Generators are one of the most important pieces of machinery in a vessel’s power puzzle, but, more often than not, they are left untouched in the corner of the engine room, only to be checked or maintained when there is a problem.

Without a working power source, boat owners, guests and crew can be left without air conditioning, electronics, galley equipment and more, rendering the boat useless. It is therefore important not to ignore your generator.

Maritime Electrical, services and install most marine generators including Kohler and Onan. Our team is fully qualified to perform warranty repairs, undertake scheduled service, repair, maintain and install marine generators. We offer a regular yearly service and repair service for peace of mind.

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Service Checklist:

It’s recommended that you have your generator checked and serviced before departing on an ocean cruise, ensuring that the generator is properly prepared for the trip ahead.

Our annual service will:

  • Check the battery is fully charged
  • Inspect and tighten all hose clamps and fittings
  • Replace all fluid levels with the required amount
  • Start the generator and inspect it for leaks or strange noises
  • Ensure the area is properly ventilated and that the generator is fully cleaned before departure
  • Attempt to start and stop the generator from all required control panels
  • Turn on all loads expected to be operated during the trip and leave for a few minutes, making sure not to overload the generator
  • Identify possible necessary spare parts and replace where possible

Marine electrical service we offer

Services we provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Generator / Alternator troubleshooting and repair
  • Alarm system troubleshooting and repair
  • Troubleshooting of MSB and control panel
  • Full Electrical System Support
  • Power distribution maintenance
  • Overhaul and rewinding of Motor
  • Supply of Motors
  • In Situ Cleaning of windings
  • Motor Fault Finding
  • Transformer Repairs
  • Alternator Repairs and Servicing
  • UPS/ Battery system support and maintenance
  • HV/LV Testing
  • Lighting system maintenance and installation
  • All types of services on Fire Alarms and critical Electrical Circuit
  • Cabling works on high voltage, medium voltage & low voltage cable.
  • Cabling works on normal power, control, and instrumentation cables
  • Oil Rig Cantilever & Drill Floor and Machinery systems
  • DP 2 & 3 electrical systems
  • Installation of high and low voltage transformers
  • Installation of all types of switchboards and other electrical panels and devices, and;
  • Fabrication & installation of electrical outfitting works such as cable ladder installation, secondary brackets, MCTs, lightings.

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