ENGINE CUT-OFF DEVICES | Maritime Electrical Auckland

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Marine Electrical Auckland | 0 comments

Written by Marketing Intern

Proven marine safety device used to stop the boats engines should the driver unexpectedly fall overboard. A mechanical lanyard is designed to attach between a passenger/operator and the system that stops the engine under emergency conditions.

The boat operator/passenger can unexpectedly fall overboard when the boat hits a wave, wake, takes a sharp turn, runs into a submerged object, suffers steering failure, and more. Many unmanned powerboats will enter and continue to turn in a circle until they run out of gas or hit something. That something could be the person that fell overboard.

If the boat operator unexpectedly falls overboard and is not wearing an engine cut-off switch lanyard they will have placed themselves and any passengers that may have also fallen overboard at risk of being hit by the boat or the propeller.

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