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Extensive experience and technical knowledge allow for the management of large projects including new build and new design as well as forensic investigation and expert witness testimonial.

Vessel Systems

Vessel electronic systems. The industry’s leading suppliers of marine electronics and systems integration. We serve the marine electronics needs of a wide variety of individuals and organizations, from recreational boaters to commercial fleets. We take pride in our reputation as a partner to our customers, from the initial concept all the way through delivery and installation.

Despite vessel system prices rising, 50% of vessel owners still invest in new vessel systems and electronics, according to a survey. The survey results show that 45% of vessel owners purchased a new vessel system in the past 12 months and 36% in the past three years. The most commonly purchased items include: solid-state drives (SSD) for navigation and propulsion controls, video displays, touchscreen displays, and other digital displays for helm for an average of $8,813.

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